Sunday, September 16, 2012

good news.

as you know, i have stopped posting on this site :(
however, me and a few of my friends at college have decided to start a blog together documenting college style around campus.

here is the link: taking on the city

its called taking on the city since we are...well, taking on the city on chicago!

please check it out and we will be posting soon! :)

with love,
alaina shea

Friday, August 17, 2012


this has been on my mind for quite some time, and yet i still am unsure of what to do. the fact that i will be moving into my dorm in one week from right now scares me and excites me all at once. it also saddens me that i will be leaving my life at home with my friends and family, and what i am so used to. i welcome change within different aspects of my life, but this change is far greater than anything before.

with the new adaptations to my life as a "college student" and an "art student"; an independent (kind of...) adult living on her own (kind of...) im not sure how much of my old life i will be able to/ will want to hold on to.

of course i will hold on to relationships with my dearest friends and family, and my values and dreams, but there are some aspects im not sure will be able to make the transition: such as my blog.

i have LOVED (in capitals even!) blogging and sharing my sense of style with the whole world (whether they pay attention to it or not). i love doing different activities just so i can post them, and creating recipes and outfits to share with some amazing followers!

however, im not sure just how convenient it will be to do so in college when i dont have a) a personal photographer (aka hannah, my wonderful sister), b) a kitchen (so that rules out recipes), c) much of anything to create (ruling out crafts for the most part), and d) the time...ill be busy trying to keep on up my 936 page novel ill be reading for a seminar/discussion (dont even get me started on how excited i am...).

as much as i love blogging and everything around this place where i can channel my creative energy, im not sure if i can continue documenting it on this site. i will for sure keep my photography blog up, for thats much easier to update every once in a while when i have some beautiful photos to share. i am going to take a "trial run" of being absent from this blog next week as i prepare to move in to college, if i find i am missing a part of me that needs to stay, i will try to find a way to blog, maybe if just once a week or so. im not sure, i will be deciding this as i settle into the college scene.

but dont worry, once i graduate, ill be back, and better than ever to take the blogging world by a storm and be one of the most famous bloggers out there; its my dream and let me tell you, it WILL come true.

love, alaina shea and a butterfly kiss

Thursday, August 16, 2012

train concert.

last night me, my best friend alice, and our other good friend maureen, went to a andy grammer, matt kearny and train concert! i have been to multiple concerts that have been fantastic, but this one was by far the best ive ever been too. we were in the standing section in front of the stage and we were able to work our way up to the front row!! we were screaming along to all the songs and we caught the guitar picks the bassist threw too. we had a blast :)

maureen, me, and alice


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

fall uniform.

there is nothing that makes me more happy than being able to wear jeans already! inspired by this post on cupcakes and cashmere, i decided to "label" my personal fall unifrom; and boy, was it easy. i practically live in jeans and button downs in the fall and it took this long to realize it...oops.

(forever21 top, american eagle jeans, pearl bracelet a gift, geneva watch, claire's earrings)

working hard...

{artistic picture}

(when hannah takes my photos, she likes to turn the camera, i dont know why, but i guess its fun!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

eyes and ears {38}

sorry about no post yesterday folks, my internet/computer/blogger was being difficult.
ill post my original planned post for yesterday tomorrow.
for now, here are some inspirational images and songs that im loving!



my fall wardrobe inspiration.

great typeface. 


true style. 


stole my heart- one direction (my favorite one direction song-yes, i am obsessed now.)