Wednesday, May 4, 2011

drawing my heart out

its seems as though in years past ive never thought of myself as a good drawer. freshman year we had weekly drawing projects in art and i think it was there my my love of drawing developed. ive gotten better- still not super amazing but good. and im proud of everything i do- as i am with painting and sewing too. its art, its me, i cant be ashamed of what i make same as i shouldnt be ashamed of myself. art is what i love so i keep doing it and keep improving. here are a few drawings that are my bests/favorites. :)

this is from freshman year- obviously my obsession with skeleton keys has been going on for a while ;)

also from fresh. year. im sad to say i was once a part of the twilight fan club...its long past.

i really like this one. it could for sure use improvements but it was good for then!

more recent. kinda light-oops! but i really like it.

still too light but nonetheless my favorite overall of everything ive drawn. its probably my best too.

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