Monday, June 13, 2011


one of my friends at school had these feathers in her hair and i fell in love. however, she told me how she had gotten them in mississippi....kinda far away from here. so after yet another friend got them, i wanted to know where. she said trade secret and i became super excited- as well as my friend maggie. we both wanted them so bad that we would do anything to get them...include driving an hour away...just for a 15 minute hair thing. 
so we did. and im in love. they're awesome. and they stay in for up to eight months! 
they basically take a little section of hair, put a metal bead around it, slip the feathers you choose in, and then clamp it shut reallllll tight. its freakin amazing.
here are the pictures of mine. maggie got bright pink and purple bigger ones, but i wanted something a little more muted, and i loved the black and white stripped ones too. :)

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