Tuesday, June 7, 2011

pasta times two

i actually made these last week for lunch for my family plus one but im really craving some of this today that i just might have to make some more.
i made my own home-made mac n cheese for my sister and her friend and then a lemony feta pasta with bread crumbs for me and my parents.
they were both super easy to make and simple enough to make at the same time as well. i started with the mac n cheese and then the lemony pasta, they both were done at about the same time and were both uber delicious. (i had some- okay a lot- of both!)
as far as my cooking goes, i dont use recipes....ever. they're fussy, boring, too instructive, and annoying, thus i just throw things together in a pot...and ta-da! a tasty meal :)
my not so secretive ingredients for the mac n cheese. three cheeses. plus milk and butter. 

the ingredients for the pasta- bread crumbs, feta, lemon zest and fresh lemon juice. plus evoo.

the mac n cheese! so cheesy :)

the lemon pasta- so good!

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