Monday, August 22, 2011

lady a

last night marked the official end (to me at least) of summer-the last day of the state fair and the last summer concert. i was so excited for lady antebellum's concert for many reasons- one, i love them and their music; two, i just love concerts in general (especially country ones!); and three, last year they were going to play at the state fair but the weather was bad and it got rained out-talk about disappointment. but, you can only imagine how excited i was in april to see that they were coming back, and even more excited that after the tickets were bought (thank you mom!) that we had even closer seats than last year-it was so worth it!:)
the stage! and our close seats (besides the track)

me and laura

lady a!!!

me and kristi

the opening act...they were...ehhh

lauras message!

other fun ones on the screen!

ahhh! :)

so good :D

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  1. I like the picture of us. And all the messages. Gooooood times :)