Wednesday, August 24, 2011

nail tips

one of my recent favorite things to do is to paint my nails-about once a week. however, sometimes i dont have the time or energy to re-do them and the old polish just chips and looks terrible. well, its a good thing i have figured out the easiest way to change your nails without re-doing them and also fix the chipping. heres how it i did it yesterday: i painted my nails on saturday (one coat, one top coat) and right about now is generally when they'll start to chip. but yesterday i totally didnt have the time to re-do them completely so what do i do? i take black, white or really any color i feel like and just do the tips-like a french manicure. to some this may be too difficult, but of you can free hand tips, then this trick is perfect. it covers up the chipping and it makes your nails look different! its a win-win situation :)
butter london nail polish in snog (the pink), black nail polish from icing

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