Friday, October 21, 2011

pumpkin scones

knowing my busy schedule, i decided to make some of the items for my pumpkin breakfast in advance. last friday (or maybe it was wednesday...) i made the pumpkin spice syrup for lattes and this week i made the scones to be heated the morning of (and dont forget the glaze!). this afternoon im also making the muffins-this way, all i will have to do tomorrow is prepare everything, set the table (which is already planned out) and make the pancakes!
from having the fancy dinner party over the summer, i learned that the less i have to do right until the moment it begins, the better....the much, much better. to say the least, im excited to have a stress free morning tomorrow. maybe ill even get a run in before!
brown sugar? yes, please.

mmmm butterscotch chips!

the liquid ingredients

mix them into the dry ingredients

into the oven!

can you say delicious?

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