Tuesday, November 8, 2011

eyes and ears {3}

just within one day my whole "world" got weighed down. through one exhausting day, one phone call, one practice, and one night, i managed to be covered with all of the projects, homework, cheer stuff, work stuff, college stuff, etc. that i could imagine. im stressed out times a million and so these things are definitely going to be in my future to keep me calm and focused.


a waterfall makes me feel calm and relaxed :)

dreaming of my family's vacation to california next summer!

also dreaming of a possible road trip with friends to ncy!


we shot the moon is a wonderful band maggie introduced me to :) the songs are soothing and send positive messages that are perfect right now!

please shine {link}
hope {link}

im also loving classic piano music. its very calming and simple. good background music!

relaxing piano music {link}

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