Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wall quote.

after seeing this picture on wehearit i immediately wanted to recreate it, in a different quote, on my wall. i decided to finally get around to it and have been cutting out letters ever since...lots and lots of letters. i chose a speckled white paper to stand out against my dark purple walls, so hopefully till look awesome when i finish it. too bad ive been busy with others things like school and scholarships. bleck. oh well, casue once it is done, ill be so happy!
the quote i chose :) (i asked my friends and family between this one and another about the moon-cause im obsessed with the moon-but they chose this one!) im planning on doing this sotra thing in my college dorm room as well! itll spice up the walls nicely.
i chose my favorite font: batang.

lots of letters

pretty paper! only cost me $1.19 for 11 sheets- score!

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