Wednesday, December 7, 2011


so today was supposed to be a funner post but i have to share this!
 i first saw these two things from cupcakesandcashmere- one of my favorite blogs. there are two awesome discoveries.
one) spotify. if you don't have it, get it. you download it and its basically itunes (it works with itunes, you can view all of your music on there) and you can search any song, and listen to the whole thing...for free. i was stunned, i know there's pandora and everything (which i am still faithful too) but being able to hear any song you want, when you that's a good deal. bonus: you can create playlists with your music too! such a great find :)
number two) this bokeh. dont know what that is? well its basically (to make it simpler)it  is a cover on your camera lens that makes the lights a cool and blurred shape like the picture below! super fun right?

....and SURPRISE! i ordered my camera...a week and a half ago...and it came...yesterday!!...but the catch: my parents wont exactly let me open it yet so ive been a little bit sad :( soon enough, i will be able to use it freely and everyday...and post tons of wonderful pictures for you all :)

oh hey, it snowed here yesterday, kinda. i like snow...for the first day. then im okay with it going goodbye :)
the cool lights (picture from cupcakes and cashmere)
its here :) (eek!)

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