Thursday, January 19, 2012


right now id like to take the time and this blog post to dedicate it to babies. this weekend, along with a lot of my fellow senior classmates (and through our school), i will be attending the right to life pro-life march in washington d.c. as a catholic school, we obviously believe in pro-life and fight for unborn babies in any way possible. i myself have participated in events before and am thrilled to be able to go to the march in person. sadly, i wont be back until tuesday morning. so next week i will only blog wednesday, thursday and friday, since i wont have my laptop with me on the trip.
here are a few images that i feel go with this post quite nicely.

one of my favorite "life" quotes (not necessarily a pro-life thing but remember: you can live your life because your mom chose life and not abortion.

I am pro-life.
says it all.

its often said that babies bring joy and why do people fight to kill them before they even have a chance?

pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, why stop it?


or makes you the mother of a baby you chose to kill...

disclaimer: i understand there are plenty of people in the world who would shoot me down and fight me on this issue, but as a catholic woman who cares about the good of others, i want to speak out about this and fight for it. please respect my stand. thank you. :)

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