Wednesday, February 29, 2012


looking through my closet over the weekend i realized that i have no color; none. when at forever21 on sunday i made it a priority to only buy items with color-no neutrals! trust me, that was hard considering my love of all things neutral. i came out successful and with a new love of buying colorful pieces. hopefully, i will remember to keep buying colorful clothing into the summer...we shall see :)

i had been wanting some colorful cardigans and scored with this fun orange sherbet color.

yes, i got one! i have seen these cute high/low skirts everywhere and knew i had to get one for spring/summer. i just love the dark red color-very different. 

major bargain here- (super soft) emerald green long pencil skirt for only $7.00! 

(all clothing is from forever21)

--happy leap day! do something crazy and fun today :)--

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