Thursday, February 23, 2012

feeling dressy...

ive been in the mood to put together outfits lately. it may be the unexpected dress day at school yesterday and a jeans day friday or the upcoming events such as graduation and summer trips (although they are still far away...). either way, i decided to spend some time on pinterest! heres what happened...

an outfit for a date
1. alice + oliva blazer
2. dress from amazon
3. michael kors watch
4. barney's earrings
5. madwell bag
6. imogen heels

an outfit for a nice dinner or shopping trip
1.  dress from
2. christian louboutin shoes
3. michael kors shoes
4. colibri shoes
5. pacsun shoes
which shoes would you wear? im leaning towards no. 5...

fancy party outfit
1. vivienne westwood dress
2. vintage rolex watch
3. prada heels
4. perlota earrings
5. vintage chanel clutch

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