Friday, February 17, 2012


normally, when i go show shoe shopping i dont find much success. instead i find over priced (but beautiful) shoes that my wallet as a high schooler with a (very small) part time job just cannot handle. its sad to see many people with fabulous shoes that i cant have...yet. someday, i WILL own gorgeous shoes...just like the day that i go to new york fashion week. hey, a girl can dream cant she? anyway, until then, ill continue wearing my h&m, target, old navy, and forever 21. yesterday, im an attempt to purchase sale black heels at target, i ended up getting 2 pairs of flats instead. how that happened, im not quite sure.

i got these cuties for all of $7.49. yeah, thats it. the world loved me yesterday and sent me these shoes in my exact size. 

oh...and the world double loved me since the world also sent me these beauties in my exact size...for the same price. :)

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