Friday, February 10, 2012


i would just like to announce the wonderful and happy eighteenth birthday to my best friend,the beautiful, the amazing, spectacular, awesome, gorgeous...ALICE!
today is her lovely birthday :) i have many surprises and treats for her and hopefully itll be a great day!! so, to honor her new adulthood-ness, here is some wonderful pictures of us/her/things that make me think of her!!
love you :)
(note: the title, wonderland, is because i made a cd for her once and named is alice in wonderland. the name just fits quite nicely.)

probably my favorite picture of us-this was summer before out junior year :)

isn't she just gorgeous?? (senior homecoming)

'50s day during homecoming week senior year

shes adorable! summer before senior year

at the art institute in chicago for her birthday

doing what she does best-flower arranging! shes the little florist :)

this is us from her 16th birthday party...crazy!

:) (image via pinterest)
(image via pinterest)

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