Tuesday, March 20, 2012

eyes and ears {20}: i workout

of course as any high school senior girl would know, prom is right around the corner and that means...getting in shape. some may laugh but since cheer ended, ive let my workouts vanish. im trying to put together an easy 15 minute routine to do each night that will help keep my toned. im gonna start with this workout i found and then do my normal other stuff (leg toning and arms/ weights). hopefully it works...we'll find out in less than a month!


fitness related pics. (all via pinterest)

need to remember :) 
Barbell Exercises That Suit Beginners 


my favorite workout songs :)

everybody talks- neon trees (new favorite song!)

all i do is win- dj khaled (gets ya pumped)

save the world- swedish house mafia (love this song!)

midnight city- m83 (keeps ya going)