Friday, March 16, 2012


happy (early) st. patricks day everyone!!! since i am very much irish (and hey, my middle name is gaelic!-shea) i obviously love this holiday. i have not always loved it however, the whole "if you arent wearing green i'll pinch you!" thing always made me mad. but now ive grown to love it! here are some green pics i love (via pinterest) and a sneak peek of laura's senior pictures-ill post some when i finish editing.
have a lovely weekend!

70s electric green phone 
love this vintage phone!
Find it at the Foundary - Kermit Green Frog Youth Chair 
how adorable!
love green leave wrap. 
love the leaves over top
what can i say? ;)
MMMM...keylime :) 
mmmm...key lime!
love! i will get green pants...

and last not certainly not least: the sneak peak! 
ain't she gorgeous??

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