Monday, March 12, 2012

my sunday.

like most sundays my favorite tradition of mine is to set my school outfits for the week. since the weather here is supposed to be in the high 60s, im breaking out the sandals and shorts-excitement abounds. from making the outfits...i got a bit carried away and reorganized my closet...and then my cubby hole...and then it took over my whole room. spring cleaning came early this year for me i guess. heres the damage (its not quite finished yet).

oh hey, i got asked to prom by my best (guy) friend-zach! yay!

each outfit is planned...down to the jewelry and sunnies.

nice and organized.

clothes to give away/ get rid of...forever. 

this is today's project...ugh.

p.s. be prepared for an interesting week of diys and random happenings. plus: laura's senior pictures will be up for photo friday!! 

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