Friday, March 2, 2012

photo friday.

(happy happy birthday to my beautiful wonderful fabulous sister, hannah!! that little cutie pie is turning 12 today- twelve!! love her very much!)
after being assigned a self portrait project in art IV, alice and i had no clue what to do. i went to see her at the flower shop she works at and we had a photo "session" to try and do her project. i think she decided to do something more than photography, but either way these photos are just to gosh-darn cute!!

i usually hate sepia but i think it works for this picture!

isnt she just drop dead gorgeous?

LOVE this picture, so candid and fun. reminds me of bri from design love fest

love the 102 in the back

up....and...down :)

something about this picture is awesome, and something about this picture is hilariously stupid; mixed views!

so adorable :)

BONUS: yesterday was the cornbelt art show (held at my school). i entered this photo of the beautiful birthday girl as well as the african man with the turban i drew. im proud to say that out of about 40 entires in the photography category, my picture of hannah placed 2nd!! (and only one vote away from first dangit). plus, i was the only person to place in my school!! (not trying to brag, but im really excited!) it now proudly hangs in my room :)

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