Wednesday, March 14, 2012

summer in march.

yesterday was beyond gorgeous out, at 75 degrees in early-mid march, i was soaking up every bit possible. from  listening to music and drawing on my porch to a two mile bike ride, i enjoyed a healthy dose of vitamin d as well as shorts....shorts! hopefully this nice warmth stays for a while...ill miss it when it gets cold again (before officially being spring). for now, a girl can only dream. :)

a good representation of my afternoon. let me tell you, those beats are probably one of the best purchases ever. yes, they were expensive. but i love music and, it was a good buy!

if only my legs looked this good all the time...too bad this angle doesnt travel with me...

easy easy hair + a real daisy

(target shorts and top, areopostale sweater, sandals from kohls, vintage belt, forever21 sunnies, american eagle charm bracelet, target brown bracelet, vintage ring)

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