Monday, April 2, 2012


gosh, i cant even believe that break is over :( i hardly did much considering my teeth. (getting wisdom teeth out=sucky) but i did have some little fun moments, i wasnt smart enough to take many pictures so here is a glorified version of what i did, as well as some info...youll see ;)

J.Crew Spring 2012
read/ flipped through the new j. crew magazine that came in the mail...

...while soaking up some vitamin d on my hammock (that looks exactly like this...except for the surroundings)

Coldstone Creamery
ate coldstone (yum!!) with alice and emily :)

Multiple tracks from the APM Music library appear in the new game, Just Dance 3.
had a few just dance parties

and planned a little for prom. this is the make-up look im going for. leighton is just beautiful here, if i look even half as good as she does here, ill be happy!


prom is in 11 days!!

my last day of high school is only 38 days away!! (only 27ish are school days-includes fun days)

graduation is 47 days away

my grad party is in 60 days

i leave for california in 62ish days!!

and i leave for new york city in about 82 days!!

life is getting exciting :)

(and just so you all know, during the month of june, i will only be home for 10 days...and at work for 2. awkward for me. #travellikearockstar- and yes i just hash tagged on my blog!)

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