Tuesday, April 24, 2012

photography friday: my new home.

no i promise i did not move. but i am...in four short months!!
anyway...on saturday i went up to dominican (my college!) for accepted students day! it was so exciting to be on the campus now that i have decided and i loved seeing around the campus to know where i can go...on my trusty ole bike. (i can get to target, cvs, and trader joes so im all good!)
i also successfully got a positive response from my mom about me studying abroad in england (its happening!!!!) and i confirmed that i only have to take one year of spanish (thank you honors program...!) man, have i used enough parentheses? probably not. here are some beautiful campus pictures!
some cool sculpture thing. the building on the right is the fine arts building-aka where i will usually be!


i just really like this door...is that weird?

there is this awesome winding staircase in the library. i took this legit picture of it :)

the beautiful chapel 

the awesome "quiet" room. open 24 hours and always silent...ill always be here!

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