Wednesday, April 18, 2012


as my style as grown and changed over the past few years, ive come to terms that my style is very...preppy. okay, so maybe im not exactly a prepster but i cant get enough of bold colors, classic shapes, and structured east coast fashion. lets be honest, boho and west coast style are NOT my thing. when im in california this summer, i dont think im going to fit in well.
here is a peek into my everyday life: my school uniform, which, in fact, is very very preppy (however, add a denim jacket and immediately, the look is transformed!)

tuesday (aeropostale polo, target sweater, old navy jacket, h&m skirt, sandals from kohl's, american eagle headband, forever21 earrings, vintage bracelet)

my make-up and hair are usually about ease for school. my usual routine is: powder, blush, illuminizer, bronze eye shadow, mascara-and maybe a lip color, but then i dont do eye shadow) hair depends on the i went super easy with a messy bun. 

wednesday (aeropostale button down shirt, old navy jacket and pants, dolce vita sandals, target sunnies, claire's and american eagle bracelets, vintage belt)

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