Wednesday, April 11, 2012

take 1 + take 2

a new tradition my family has at easter is going to the vigil mass at 8 the night before. granted, it is longer, but there are a bunch of fun parts (my favorite is when everyone lights a candle in the dark church, its beautiful) but it does mean we all get to sleep in on sunday! the first outfit is what i wore is mass, and the second is my outfit for easter with my extended family on sunday.

(old navy dress, forever21 cardigan and belt, sandals from kohl's, american eagle headband, vintage earrings)

....april fools? just kidding, something is wrong with blogger. it isnt liking me. and im kinda pissed, its saying ive used all of my "picture space" and that i would have to purchase more. that is WAY NOT COOL. ill have to work on that and figure it out. im not a happy camper. for now, enjoy this one lovely picture of me and this adorable picture of a baby (cause pasting in photos works apparently. what the ___?!) 

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