Sunday, April 22, 2012

weekend highlights.

to say i had a great weekend is an understatement. i really did have a great weekend though: friday night i went to see the lucky good and sad, saturday i was at dominican (my college!!!) for accepted students day and that was awesome!, and then that night i was at my friend emily's house for a sleepover and we had a blast! yesterday i decided to take up running again, did some school work, and computer work, and graduation party work...if only i had time to clean too.
maybe tomorrow.

The Lucky One The Lucky One
my goodness is zac attractive!!! i especially loved the buzzed head, facial hair, and the tattoo on his back :) (picture via pinterest)

thats a look at my beauitiful college :) i cannot wait to be there in the fall!!

a new dress i got for graduation...or something. (a total steal at $15  from target!)

new backpack/travel bag/travel purse for my trips this summer...however, im not so sure i like it. i might try to find something better. (target backpack, $30)

always a sunday highlight is putting together the week's outfits! 

its totally official now that i have a lanyard :)

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