Tuesday, May 22, 2012

eyes and ears {28}

as of yesterday, my fast moving cold is full on now. i swear, i have the weakest immune system when it comes to colds. im pretty sure this is my 5th this year. crazy. well, anyway, some current thoughts/pictures/songs  on my mind:


it begins now...scary thoughts as i have my last summer before moving to a new city

im starting to become obsessed with this simple, gorgeous, white dress. 

Napa Rose, Disneyland
i will be dining here in exactly two weeks!!

LOVE this. 


good ol' fashion nightmare-matt & kim (ive been on a huge matt & kim kick recently...)

tire swing-kimya dawson (i love the entire juno soundtrack, but this is one of my favorites!)

love dont live here-lady antebellum (.....no explanation needed)

scream-usher (i really do like usher...and this song is so upbeat and fun)

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