Thursday, May 24, 2012

little me.

yesterday, stuck with a cold and nothing else to do, i searched through endless photo albums finding pictures to scan in for my graduation party. (on a side note: my horrible printer scanned the pictures in a wrong file the first time, and i didnt find that out until i had unlabeled the pages, put the pictures back in the spots, and put the albums away. discouraged by the lack of technology to convert them, i had to re-do the entire process the right way). to say the least, im so glad i have that done. there might actually be more... dang it.
well here are a few pictures of little me :)

here i am just a day old: a chubby baby with a head of full black hair! (1993)

and then my hair turned to platinum blond. explain that! (me and my daddy, always been a daddy's girl, always will be!) (~1995)

one of my favorite pictures of all time. this is me with my grandpa's dog, cali, she was the best. (~1995)

wasn't i a cutie? i loved those little pink glasses so much that i had 2 pairs! (~1996)

right before i got my hair cut off for locks of love...i had always had it super long, and now i will NEVER go back to short hair. (~2006)
this was at my friend, maggie's birthday party. it was a make-up party-the first time i ever wore makeup! (~2007)

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