Thursday, May 17, 2012

summer cleaning.

even though i clean my room constantly, i usually do an intense cleaning at the beginning of each season (fall before school, winter during christmas break, spring during spring break, and summer when school gets out). i was super excited to go through all of my papers from the year and throw them out-makes school being over feel official! i went ahead and redid my closet as well, so much better :)

my organized shoes. too bad i just got a new pair, and there is no room for them. oops!

reorganized clothes. (i moved them all around-now its based on season, style, and how often i wear them.)

the closet in full. so clean. i pack a bunch of stuff in there, let me tell ya. 

reorganized folders of school notes/papers to keep. and my beloved sketchbooks on the left with my pencils and charcoal. 

redesigned magnet board. i put the magnets from my locker on there as well as my summer list (bottom left) and some favorite pictures.

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