Monday, May 14, 2012

weekend highlights.

as i kick started my summer, a few certain things began making it all seem real right off the bat. today "officially" marks the first say for me and i cannot wait to accomplish a long list of to-dos this week. as scary and exciting as it is, i cant fully grasp that i will be graduating next sunday...and going to college in 3 short months. crazy! but for now, ill focus on these happy things:

to celebrate my last day, me mom, sis, and i went shopping. got these adorable wedges at payless...

...and this cute maxi dress from old navy that i had been dying to buy for forever! (now its mine!!)

 a bouquet of peony buds just beginning to bloom

starting my collection of magazines + books to read on the flight to cali (only 3 more weeks!!)

waiting to clean up this big mess tomorrow-so excited! (no joke...i like cleaning!)

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