Friday, July 20, 2012

a breath of fresh air.

after a long and stressful week (though i am unsure why it was so difficult), there is nothing like a shopping trip with my best friend and online orders coming in early. that thrilling moment when new things are yours and you cannot contain the excitement. when the anticipation of waiting to wear a winter sweater is too much that you throw it on after a hot day, just because the air conditioning makes it seem okay.
yes, i love those little moments.

my fabulous l.l. bean tote bag. in waterlilly pink, long handles, and my monogram. (i know im a prepster at heart-i embrace it)

my cupcakes an cashmere book came super early. i almost died when it half through it :) (and its amazing!!!)

cozy sweater. super deal at gap-its SO comfy. and yes, i wore it last night. 

my (rapidly) growing dorm room pile. but dont worry, more on that later.

and i am officially all transfered. i love my (second-after channing my camera) baby boy, hazen :)

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