Tuesday, July 10, 2012

eyes and ears {33}

hellooooo chicago! today through tomorrow i will be up at my college for orientation and registration for classes in the fall. im so excited to be back on campus and get a feel for actually living there (even if its only or one night)! as much as i love summer-the fun memories and the music- i cant wait to get to college and have a blast meeting new people and experiencing something totally new to me!

here are my favorite pinterest pictures/finds and some new song obsessions:


ive always been a stripes girl; this color combo (pale pink and cream) was my inspiration for my dorm room colors!

life motto. 

i love vases!!

kids room
how cute-perfect for a baby room!

this makes me smile. 


(1 is my most favorite...and down to 5...a favorite)

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