Tuesday, July 31, 2012

eyes and ears {36}

(side note: how do you like the new blog layout/design? updates are always good in my book!)
to say that i went a bit "pin-crazy" these past few days is a huge understatement. lets jut say that between discovering the massive amounts of fabulous pictures on a few tumblr sites, and my "pin it" button, i up-ed my number of pins quite a bit. here are some favorites as well as somes songs recently being stuck in my head.


i love this photo. so classic looking.

is this not the most adorable thing ever?

this is jake dalton. a member of the usa gymnastics mens team. hes has the most beautiful eyes ive ever seen. hes going to be my husband. (note: i LOVE the olympics.)

this is my favorite color as of right now. so vibrant and daring.

love this photo-going to print it for my dorm room!


as long as you love me- justin bieber (yes, i like a jb song. its bad, but its good)

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