Saturday, March 19, 2011

the incredible machine :)

AHHHH! the sugarland concert last night was soooo good-fantastic actually! the set was freaking amazing and they sounded beyond good. i got plenty of pictures (trust me), so ill only post the best cause theres literally like >50. yeah that would make a loooonnnngggg post. not happening.
anyway, friday was a great day. started with a good morning of french toast, adoration at church, errands, and then my friend zachs b-day lunch with my other bestie kristi! it was fabulous and he loved (and i mean LOVED) the fedora we got him! after that i did some laundry (ughhh) and cleaned and bit. then it was time to get ready for the concert! i picked kristi up and off we went. we went to another friends apartment and then from there, we all went to eat before.
heres the great part: we had nosebleed seats. it sucked but whatever. we got the best we could-tickets sold out in 2 minutes. so these people from the local country radio stantion came over to us and asked if it was just the two of us, we said yeah...and they say well we have two tickets for the 3rd row of section 113, do you want them? so me and kristi are like AHHH YESSSSS!!!!! they couple next to us actually were given the tickets but told the radio people that we would want them more. how nice! so whoever you are people, we are so grateful and thank you so much! <3 happy weekend to all!

little big town :)


 they had sooo much energy-so fun!

she sounded fantastic in concert.

me, aly, and kristi. we had no idea aly was gonna be there. when we saw her, we screamed! :)

the love flag, that part was really cool.

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