Sunday, March 6, 2011

splendid picture sunday

so as i have just recently started this blog i am thuroughly excited to make my first post-im lame but who cares? i have wanted to start my own blog for a long time after following a few blogs i adore, but i havent yet had the time or inspiration. now that i finally have a little bit of both, posts should come easy right? yeah not so much. on friday i wrote a "faux-post" about my lovely (or not so lovely) day, however i hadnt created the blog until saturday! i figured that although my potnetial post was fabulous beyond anything, it would be dumb of me to post it when it was written for the previus day.

looking through my pictures ive taken and complied for a potnetial blog over the past few months, i found a select few that i really find fascinating. they are not high-quality photos at all (taken with my camera, my dads camera has my good pictures on it-coming soon) but i still think of them as fun and very me.


this one is of me from last summer, a picture i took in the mirror, and looking at it now, seems quites interesting.

this is of my beloved EOS lip balms-i swear by it- and i own it in every kind except one that i cannot find anywhere!

ths is of my newly painted nails. a freind of mine told me about how they heard how to do it and i decided to give it a shot. it turned out absolutely awesome. now the newsprint on it may not be dark, it adds a subtle hint of fun.

the last photo is of me-another mirror picture that looks cool because of the angle. i dont know why, but i just like it! hope you do to-have a splendid sunday! :)

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