Monday, March 7, 2011

hanging by a thread

so guess what? today is monday. ew. that means a few dreaded things: waking up early for school, school itself, lots and lots of homework, work, and a long night of being tired and not wanting to do a whole lot of anything. so of course, typical me, instead of doing my physics and ap english assignments, im writing this and sorting through years of photos instead.
i found this picture and im in love all over! its not a super high quality-once again, my camera, not my good photos yet- but the apple itself it simply fun and whimsical. its taken from a nature-y place just outside of my town where me and my family will go once in a while to walk around and be outside. they happen to have this little barn and apples were hanging from the roof. weird? maybe. but totally fun? deffinately. enjoy, and promise me you'll enjoy your monday!

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