Tuesday, March 8, 2011

mood calmers

reading the newspaper this morning, i was excited to see that the day was promising warm weater with a high of 51. so much for that! as the day progressed, it only got gloomier and darker, and now a light drizzle has come into the picture. well thats just awesome. on days like this, i love just laying around, doin some yoga, drinking tea, and indulging in a fashion magazine. studying for a physics test is not going to be anywhere in my future! right now im just ready to be in a calm state of mind, and im so ready for spring, bring on the warm!

my little happy-makers: home-mixed tea, vanilla waffers, InStyle magazine, and my lyric journal (i write down lyrics to a song that fits my mood or whatever i feel like-a simple way to express myself)

itsnt this the cutest mug ever?!? i thought so, hence why i bought it! so whimsical and girly- no one better steal this from me at my house!

the gloomy day outside. brings ya down, doesnt it? good thing i have soothing foods and things to do inside my nice warm house!

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