Wednesday, March 9, 2011

needing a pick-me-up

i dont know about anyone else, but this week in turning into maybe one of the worst weeks ever. it seems like each day something has gone wrong, making me long for a happy moment, whether it be small or big. all i can say now is tgiw- thank God its wednesday. yay hump day? at least half of the week is over now! tomorow promises more dissapointment however, a dreaded talk with my physics teacher concerning my missing(?) lab report, and a night filled with work, and studying for an ap english test. good thing i have a potentially good weekend ahead of me filled with prom shoe shopping, service work, and relaxation.
its weeks like this that i really take advantage of the few yoga exercises i know, lots of jack johnson playing on my laptop, and my electric blanket to keep me warm with a good book or magazine.
when i was looking through these pictures from our family vacation last summer, it brought my mood up, only a little, but i took the chance to feel at peace and relaxed.

me and my family went to lake geneva, wisconsin and stayed at grand geneva- it was absolutly gorgeous! doesnt this picture just make you want to go stay there?
the awesome looking plants on the grounds, they had the coolest flowers in the landscaping!
the resort had the most beautiful architecture everywhere. i particularly loved the little lanterns on that gorgeous brick.

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