Thursday, March 10, 2011

random acts of kindness

as you all know, this week hasnt exactly been my favorite. today started to seem no different from the other terrible days that have been in this week. however, thursday turned out to be the best day- by far.
the morning started badly- the usual late wake up, cold weather, and then my physics teacher and i having a rather tense discussion concerning my late work...from january. (i promise i did that quiz-seriously). as fifth hour rolled around i was glad to finally be in art- my favorite hour of the day. since i had already finished the recent project, i was able to just sit in peace and watch some classmates work on theirs.
finally, lunch came and  due to our schools musical, band was allowed to have an open lunch. me and some friends went to noodles and ate some fabulous tasting carbs- one of the highlights. my wonderful and fabulous friend, zach, had given me a cd earlier that day that ive been wanting for a super long time, and that deffinalty added to my rising mood.
once i was at work, i was in normal spirits, and by the time i left, a smile had grown on my face. for once (or maybe the second time) work actually brought up my mood and made me happy! much to my surprise, as i walked out to my car i (barely) noticed that someone had drawn on my car windows. being as it was pitch black i couldnt quite tell what it was but i further inspected and saw a flower and smily face on my back seat windows, and then on the far back windshield a little scene with 3 girls and a sun. so cute and caring, i immediately though of how blessed i am to have such wonderful people in my life to do this for me. i still dont know who did it, and they will never know how much this means to me. so thank you very much, you kind anynomous friend, ill keep pasing the nice deeds around :)

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