Friday, March 11, 2011

spring (and summer) shades

tgif. seriosuly. thank God its friday. im so happy this week is finally over! its been rough, but as it progressed, it got better-a little. today was actually a pretty good day! my ap english test over the great gatsby went really well (considering i didnt read all- thank you sparknotes) and then i dont have any homework! oh yeah!
so since spring is coming and summer is right around the corner after that, ive been getting ready by getting all my warm weather necessities! ive been breakin out the sandals frequently, shopping for some cute tops, and -my favorite- buying new sunglasses! sunglasses are amazing. so many colors and styles, so fun and easy, cheerful and adorable. they are the perfect summer outfit maker!
here is my current stock. ive broken a few pairs since last summer :( but just bought the sea foam green ones recently at forever21 -so adorable! i plan on at least another pair by the time summer rolls around. make sure youre prepared with your own collection of shades by the time the heat and sun sets in! happy friday to all :)

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