Sunday, March 13, 2011

fierce in red

its been quite the crazy week, ill say! im super excited to have a nice-n-easy 3 day week ahead of me with spring break (eek!!) right at the end. and not to mention the perfect start to my 2011 spring break- sugarland concert anyone? well sucks for you cause it sold out after like 10 mins...but guess whos got tickets? THIS CHICK! be jealous :)
anyway, ive compiled photos over the last few years of me in different poses. this is one of my favotire times of taking pictures. the red shirt im wearing is so bold and my eye make-up looks fantastic. its amazing what some gold can do!
my hair surprisingly looks really good this day. i love love love my bangs but this pic from a while ago and the bangs are long gone-became too much and they decided to stick out in crazy ways...not okay, so they are slowly growing out.
the golden colors i used for shadows make my bright blue eyes pop. my lashes are naturally super long so im kinda obsessed. (later this week ill be doing a post on my sisters lashes-just as gorgeous, but darker without  having mascara. being blonde has its negatives- blonde lashes.)

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