Monday, March 14, 2011

"like fire in the sky"

today was...ehhh. no homework but it seemed like my classes would never end. same way with work but all in all, it was an okay day. as i was droving home (in a rather strange route) from work, the sky was  absolutley beautiful. its s good thing i had enough sense to peel my eyes away from that goegeous scene behind me or else a car accident might have been in my near future. just the view i had in my rear view mirror was enough. it was spectacular. i wanted pictures-and fast. however, once i was home it was further down on the horizon and houses were coving the firey clouds. i got a few good pictures but they dont hold a candle to the real thing. im begining to like the day light savings thing. :)


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  2. oh thank you! id love to look at yours as well. if you follow me, i will for sure follow you :)