Tuesday, March 15, 2011


butterfly kisses. what are they? well they surely involve eye lashes-one of my favorite things! ever since i started wearing mascara back in freshman year, ive grown to be obsessed with my eye lashes. although they are not very voluminous, they are super long. over the past few years ive tried plently of kinds of mascara and found my favorites. i actually just bought another kind a few hours ago...either way, mascara can do wonders for me and my light blonde lashes.
here are a few pictures. both of me and my sister-hannie. (obviously mine are black with mascara, while hers are natural and clean.)
lashes are so whimsical and fun, beautiful and sweet. i could take and look at pictures for hours!

so precious and delicate.
just look at those big brown eyes.
simple & sweet.
sky high lashes and killer blue eyes :)
i <3 lashes.

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