Monday, March 21, 2011

twisted with a flower

today has not even gonna go there. lets just talk about hair.
my hair is naturally this blonde and i love it. i would loooove to dye my hair, but thatd be silly of me! so i havent...
ive also always loved my hair long and never really had it short but once in sixth grade- bad idea. as ive grown older, its also gotten wavier/curier. both of my parents have curly(ish) hair so itd only make sense. now, most people would DIE to have curly hair and i was that way too...until i got it. its such a hassle and doesnt look good unless you give it plenty of attention each and every morning. so i do that...a few times a week (hahaha).
but today as i stepped out of the shower i let it air dry as i ran my fingers through it so it would sorta stay straight-ish. and then i twisted it into to faux french braids and pony tailed it off adding a flower for fun :)
front view

the side

so pretty!!

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