Tuesday, March 22, 2011

st. louis day uno

whoooooo! spring break!! me and my family are currently in st. louis for some family fun and a college visit for me tomorrow. today we conquered the city museum-so fun! it was super cool not to mention over whelming! theres just so much.
my favorite part was all of the cool and beautiful mosaic. it was everywhere! i have a lot more pictures on my dad's camera. ill post those...sometime! haha ;)
heres my favorites so far. happy tuesday!
the arch

the castle thing at the city museum. i declaired it be mine.

the inside! the celing was awesome-all these little things hung down from it. there were also these pillars COVERED in shiny mirrored tiles. it was beautiful mosaic. (note: this would be an awesome setting for a dance...)

more pretty mosaic :)

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