Wednesday, March 23, 2011

all things prom

so of course, spring is here and im an upper classman soooo you all know what this means! P-R-O-M! im excited, to say the least. i did go to another schools prom my freshman year, but it wasnt that fun because i didnt really know anyone and i didnt go all out. but it wasnt necessary.
either way im excited for my first "real" prom. i have a dress, which i love (even if it wasnt the "different and unique" dress i was after). it flatters me and looks fantastic. ive still yet to find the perfect shoes, but shoe shopping is my favorite, so whos complaining?
you might be thinking, "okay...dress? check! ehhh, not yet!! what about the date!?" yeahhhh, well guess whos going with her best (guy) freind? uh, thatd be me! im so thrilled to go with him! being my bestie, zach. the way he asked was so cute- "prom?" written in icing on cookies. (and let me tell you, they were GOOD). the best part of going with your best friend? it wont be awkward. cause who wants to go with someone who may be the best date, but you dont really know them, so its just plain weird? not me! i want to be able to coordinate our outifts and flowers without acting dumb. so thank goodness....
" check!" :)
here it is! ive always thought that white was so not for prom...until i tried this on! zach is probably going to get a grey tux (fingers crossed!). to say the least-we'll look super hott.

heres the back-aka: the best part. ive always loved my back, so this dress is perfect for me :)
im thinking navy shoes. itd look really chic with the off-white and grey. but we'll see what i find. any color works really, so this battle is in my favor.

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