Thursday, March 24, 2011

a few of my favorite things

well today, ive been shopping quite a lot for shoes-navy ones for prom only to find that about 2 hours ago, my date (zach) decided black was better than grey for his tux. grrr. but whatever. black and white will look just as good!
soooo now my large quest for the perfect navy shoes has halted. and i have to go back to the starting point and look for the perfect black shoes. oh well, more shopping for me!!
heres some of my favorite things-ever!

best. perfume. ever. soooo good!

essie nail polish! i love all the colors :)

my favorite mascara-in very black.

old navy flip flops. im seriously obsessed. i have 18 pairs.

i love poptarts so much. if only they were healthy...

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