Friday, March 25, 2011

weekend, here i come!

ello, ello, ello.
its friday, friday, gotta- just kidding! i wont make you endure that.
anyway...sleepover and movie night at one of my freinds tonight! i did a heck of a lot of shoe shopping today to find black shoes for prom. and of course my very last store to look, i find the perfect shoes. thank goodness! theyre great though :)
and over the past 2-3 hours ive been getting my list done: charity letters, works cited for my history project, signing up for e-statements for my checking account, checking my email, signing up for an online class...etc. you get the picture. i did a LOT. and im proud of myself! i even sorted though some old pictures and found some awesome ones for today-get excited. :)
happy weekend.
who doesnt love shadow pictures!?

i might be weird and have crazy poses, but at least i have fun ;)

i love the tree on the side here (its posing with me!)

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