Monday, March 28, 2011

workin it out

in the past few weeks and months my weight has gone up down up down. and now more recently...up. up. up.
not okay. but as of a week(ish) ago, ive made myself a workout plan. each day ill do the same stretch-yoga-abs-legs-routine as well as some other 30 minute activity ive assigned for the day. (monday- yoga; tuesday- running/walking; wednesday- weights; thursday- yoga; friday- just dance; saturday/sunday- whatever i choose!) im hoping to keep this going unlike the other workout routines ive tried, and then epicly failed at continuing.
im aslo focusing on portion control as well as getting the right amount of servings of fruits, veggies, protein(especially for me because im a vegetarian), grains, dairy, and sweets. because ive been focusing on this as well as working out everyday, my growing weight is not as stressing as usual when i gain some pounds.
and really, as long as my jeans and prom dress still fit, whats 3 pounds? its just a number and as long as i dont notice a physical difference, it doesnt matter...or so im telling myself.
i just need to be healthy! and theres no way ill ever be overweight, so i think im doin good- just workin it out ;)
my new weights for wednesday. i got these at target for about $3 each one-great deal and great motivation to use them!

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