Tuesday, March 29, 2011

mediterranean pasta!

tonight i made dinner (it was AMAZING). my mom had bought a giant container of feta cheese earlier in the week for a salad and had plenty of leftovers. feta is my favorite cheese and add it into some pasta with some sun-dried tomarotes, spinach, and mushrooms and you have genius. aka- my dinner :)
basically i made some whole wheat penne pasta, then added a sauteed mixture of mushrooms (baby bellas), sun-dried tomatoes, evoo ( extra virgin olive oil), a bit of parmesan, and my secret spices. after adding that mixture, i added the spinach, feta, and some bread crumbs- sounds weird but makes it taste delightful! i also made the "fast-delicious-easy" garlic bread (aka: hamburger buns with parmesian, evoo, and garlic on top-mine with some rosemary-my favorite spice).

shrooms. cut. chopped. whatever you prefer.

the cut mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and spinach.

feta! and bread crumbs.

the sauteed mixture. (love love love color kitchen utensils.)

mixing it up.

finished product :) so yummy!

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