Wednesday, March 30, 2011

summer wants

as summer comes closer and closer into my reach, every day im more excited for it to be here so i can wear and use my favorite summer looks and accessories. ive kept many of the same ones over the years (think: blue and white shorts, tanks in every color, loose blouses, sandals, and bangles), but this year i have accumulated a few new ideas for the perfect summer accessories. lately im really into stakable rings, nude sunglasses, and neutral bags-all shapes and sizes. here are a few of my current favorites:

im in desperate need of a new bag. when i was looking online at american eagle i saw this one and instantly wanted it.

another bag from american eagle-perfect for pool days!

ring from forever 21. im loving the big stones outlined in other jewles or pearls. the color is fabulous too.

stakable! and square! perfect. from forever21.

ring from aeo. love the little details.

sunglasses from forever21. i like the subtle color. i need a nude colored pair to complete my current collection :)

BONUS! essie nail polish in lollipop. ive been looking for the "perfect" red for a long time. i came across this one at target (they now carry essie!!!) and loved it! i figured id look at ulta's selection first but i still like this one best. ill deffinately be buying it soon.


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  2. thank you! i just started my blog so im still a beginner at it, but its been super fun!